Campaign TPM: Third Pretender Movie

Persistence Pays! United We Stand!

My bio section has been "donated" to Campaign TPM: Third Pretender Movie!

This is a new fan campaign to get the PTBs to sit up and take notice of the fans and their desire to have at least one more Pretender movie, (or maybe more, if they could just get off their lazy butts!) by doing synchronized email and snail mail as well as the harpo hookup and online petitions to pledge funds towards the third movie.

This campaign is different because we are planning to synchronize our emails and snail-mails as much as possible so that they will have a bigger impact on the PTBs compared to the one or two emails they may receive from fans from time to time. We feel though that our best bet is really the Harpo Hookup,...if we can get Oprah to take up our cause, we will win the battle! So please spread the word about the campaign to everyone who might be remotely interested in this. The Hookup is scheduled to begin within the next week.

More activities are posted on the website: http://tpm.2ya.com but for now we want to focus on the Hookup and on getting as many fans as possible to post an application on the Oprah website. Thanks for reading!